Utley Street Legal

This street legal Twister Sand Car weighs less than a Mazda Miata and is powered by a modified Chevy 4.3 V6! Fast does not begin to describe it.

0-60 -Scary Fast!
0-120 mph in 300 yards!
This car will pull wheelies in the street on command.

2009 Kansas Title.

Pro Street close ratio Wright Gear Box 091 Transaxle
Chevy 4.3 V6, Custom Built Ceramic Coated Headers, DUI-HEI Ignition, Edelbrock Intake, Edelbrock Carb.
Aluminum Radiator with Dual Fans
930 CV Joins with Custom Axles
Four Wheel Disc Brakes
Rear Rims- 15x15 Douglas
Rear Tires- 32" Tall x 18 wide Hoosiers
Red Metallic Powdercoat by Bontrager Powdercoat
Chassis, Wiring and Assembly by Corey Aikens