Twister Sand Cars

The Buggy Shop is a world renown premiere sandrail manufacturer, service center and supplier. We carry a full selection of O.E. and aftermarket parts for your sand car or VW powered street car.  We build our own sand rail frames, dune buggy frames and woods cars and can do custom work to your specifications.  Order the frame and do it yourself, or let us build it for you.

When we build your frame or complete sandrail you can choose a hoop top or chop top style.

The chop top on the left is more aggressive looking, but it does make it harder to get in and out.
The hoop top on the right allows for much easier entry and exit but does not look as streamlined as the chop top.

Standard Travel

Mid Travel

Long Travel Sand Car

Big Boy and Four Seat

Street Legal

Completed Cars
Custom Frame Options