Chassis Information

We build our chassis to industry standards.  This allows for easy upgrades at a later date.  All of our chassis have 52" of room from the torsion bar housing to the rear of the cage.  It has 42" of room from side to side.  It allows for the install of an air-cooled VW with dual carbs, a V6 or small V8 with header.

This allows you to buy a sand car with an air-cooled VW motor now, then upgrade it to a V6 or V8 later without having to buy a new chassis!

Our standard wing will fit on all of our modern chassis.

The average length of a 2 seat chassis is 96" to 110".

All chassis are made from 1.5" diameter 13 gauge mild steel tubing.

A Arms are 1.25" or 1.5" 120 wallD.O.M. tubing.

All rear engine trans compartments will accept bus, bug, Mendeolla Sand transmissions.  All chassis will accept from 4 cylinder VW to all V6s and small V8s with no additional mods.